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Ricardo Parrini

Started birding at an early age and graduated in biology from Gama Filho University, Rio. In 1984 Ricardo undertook a series of long trips throughout the various major biomes of Brazil with the objective of learning the tremendous variety of different birds, their voices and their unique habitats. From these years of experience and dedication in the field he started guiding birders full time in 1998 throughout Brazil. Ricardo is one of our most senior leaders and has become recognized as one of the leading Brazilian birders and guides. Ricardo has an incredible ear for bird voices and is without doubt one of the top ornithologists in southeast and southern Brazil having several technical papers to his name on taxonomy, biogeography and behavior of this avifauna. Ricardo is very easy going and fun to bird with. His most exciting ornithological find was the exciting re-discovery of the enigmatic Kinglet Calyptura making him internationally renowned. Ricardo is a member of the Brazilian record committee and lives in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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