Birding Brazil Tours & Nature Photography

  • Birds+of+south+america

    Field Guide to the Songbirds of South America: The Passerines

    Robert S. Ridgely & Guy Tudor
    The University of Texas Press, 2009
  • Aves+do+Brasil

    DVD Birds of Brazil - Songs, Calls and Photos

    English & Portuguese
    Jeremy Minns, Dante Buzzetti, Ciro Albano, Arthur Grosset, Andrew Whittaker & Ricardo Parrini
    Avis Brasilis, 2010
    51 hours of recordings, 1051 species, 3559 photographs, 7324 cuts and 1048 maps.
    Recommended by Guy Kirwan in Reviews of Cotinga 33: 172-173 (Journal of the Neotropical Bird Club)
  • a-field-guide-birds-brazi

    A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil

    Ber van Perlo
    Oxford University Press, 2009
  • App+Birds+of+Brazil

    App Birds of Brazil

    A digital field guide based on the book A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil by Ber van Perlo.
    English & Portuguese versions
    BirdGuides Ltd., 2011
  • CD+vozes+da+amaz%C3%B4nia

    CD Voices of Brazilian Amazon

    English & Portuguese
    Luciano Nicolás Naka, Philip C. Stouffer, Mario Cohn-Haft, Curtis A. Marantz, Andrew Whittaker & Richard O. Bierregaard Jr.
    Editora INPA, 2012 (second edition)
    4 CDs containing 340 bird 7 primate species + booklet (40 pp.)

  • Pantanal+guide

    Birds of Brazil, The Pantanal & Cerrado Of Central Brazil

    English & Portuguese versions
    John A. Gwynne, Robert S. Ridgely, Guy Tudor & Martha Argel
    Editora Horizonte, 2010
  • Field+Guide+to+the+Birds+of+Colombia

    Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia

    Miles McMullan, Thomas Donegan & Alonso Quevedo
    Fundacion ProAves, 2010
  • A+guide+to+the+Birds+of+Colombia

    A Guide to the Birds of Colombia

    Steven L. Hilty & William L. Brown
    Princeton University Press, 1986
  • Birds+of+Peru

    Birds of Peru: Revised and Updated Edition

    Thomas S. Schulenberg, Douglas F. Stotz, Daniel F. Lane, John P. O'Neill & Theodore A. Parker
    Princeton University Press, 2010