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Fabiano Oliveira

Fabiano has graduated at Federal University of Mato Grosso and contributed with several articles and papers on ornithology. He is a professional birding and wildlife tour guide that loves nature in all its forms. While guiding he loves to show the richness of the Neotropics. With 13 years of extensive field experience, he has developed remarkable skills with keen eyes and ears and an endless curiosity for nature. Fabiano is a top tour guide always able to listen and help the group. Recently he was involved in an amazing documentary about Pantanal on National Geographic Wild TV. He is a member of Brazilian Ornithology Association, The Neotropical Bird Club and Chapada dos Guimãraes National Park Advisory Council. Beside the birds he has two favorite mammals: The Giant Anteater and the Jaguar. Fabiano has more than 250 hours watching jaguar behavior which makes him one the world's most experienced jaguar guides.