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A new species of forest-falcon (Falconidae: Micrastur) from Southeastern Amazonia and the Atlantic Rainfores of Brazil

Andrew Whittaker

ABSTRACT.—I describe a new species of Micrastur (forest-falcon) from the rainforests of Brazil and adjacent northeastern Bolivia. Initial detection of the cryptic new taxon was enabled through hearing its distinctive voice, notably different from any of its congeners. Several specimens of the undescribed species subsequently were located in several museums; because the new species closely resembles M. gilvicollis (Lined Forest-Falcon), these specimens had remained unrecognized for more than a century. The new taxon not only has a vocal repertoire that differs from those of congeners, M. gilvicollis, M. plumbeous (Plumbeous Forest-Falcon), and M. ruficollis (Barred Forest-Falcon), but it also exhibits subtle yet consistent morphological distinctions that distin- guish it from all other forest-falcons. This elusive raptor inhabits humid terra firme forest in southeastern Amazonia, and a disjunct population exists in the Atlantic rainforests of eastern Brazil (the latter known only from historic specimens) and merits great conservation concern. I summarize current information on the new species' distribution, offer insight into its natural history and conservation, and discuss its systematic relation- ships within the genus Micrastur. Received 19 November 2001, accepted 30 September 2002.

Published by the Wilson Ornithological Society
VOL. 114, NO. 4 December 2002 PAGES 421–561
Wilson Bull., 114(4), 2002, pp. 421–445

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