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First photographic record of the Gray-bellied Antbird for Brazil

Gray-bellied Antbird (Orinoco-Negro White-sand Forest Endemic Bird Area)

Published: April 02, 2012

Text by Andrew Whittaker and Jaqueline Fortuna

Besides recorded over one year before during our private tour to São Gabriel da Cachoeira, this is the first documented photograph of the Gray-bellied Antbird (Myrmeciza pelzelni) for Brazil, made by Andrew Whittaker. This poorly-known range restricted Antbird inhabits the upper Rio Negro region of Brazil where is found in the understory of sandy belt forests locally known as Amazonian caatinga. It's a mostly terestrial species that requires an open understory where it forages in the leaf litter, within the bases of trunks of moss covered trees and terrestrial bromeliads. Click here to see the record.