Birding Brazil Tours & Nature Photography

Brazil is an immense tropical paradise teeming with extraordinary natural history, stunning scenic beauty and the greatest biodiversity of any country in the World!

Brazil is the mecca for neotropical birding, simply an essential pilgrimage for any birders wanting to enjoy the tropical birding trip of a lifetime! Boasting the second richest avifauna in the world an incredible 1837 bird species and an amazing 230 endemics and rising with new species discovered every year!

Brazil offers a wonderful stable and safe eco tour destination, excellent modern infrastructure, full of friendly Brazilians with an endless variety of tasty cuisine and of course birds and nature galore! Therefore it’s no wonder Brazil has become a premier destination for bird watchers, nature lovers and nature photographers alike!

Brazil is an immense country the world’s fifth in surface area (3.3 million square miles or 8.5 million square Km) comprising of six major habitats (Biomes), 1- Amazon Rainforest, 2- Pantanal, 3-Atlantic Rainforest, 4-Cerrado, 5- Caatinga and 6- Pampas. Birding Brazil Tours offers comprehensive birding tours to all these major birding habitats.

Few countries can match Brazil’s truly incredible wildlife spectacles and its mega diversity combined with such an amazing number of spectacular and varied destinations offering so many superlatives! To allow for a full appreciation of Brazil’s wildlife one can immediately see it will require multiple visits to explore this vast birding mecca to begin to appreciate the avifauna of these world famous birding and wildlife destinations.

Tour Photo Gallery

» Brazil's landscapes
  • São Gabriel de Cachoeira on the Northern shores of the Negro river, Amazon. Most of its inhabitants are indigenous people.
  • Pedra Azul Reserve in the Atlantic Rainforest of Espírito Santo.
  • The Iguaçu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and holds the worlds largest most spectacular waterfalls and protects its abundant wildlife too. Iguacu falls are located in southwestern Brazil between Paraná, Brazil and Argentina.
  • Flying into the wonderful Amazonian wilderness along the Rio Roosevelt, to the plush lodge in Rondônia state. Birding Brazil Tours are proud to have set up the first birding tours to this spectacular site.
  • Chapada Dos Guimarães National Park, Mato Grosso. These beautiful sandstone tabellands are surrounded by rich Cerrado (Brazilian savannas) and gallery forest rich in a wealth of endemics.
  • Chapada Dimantina National Park, Bahia (NE Brazil) holds rich caatinga, as well as pockets of Atlantic rainforest and cerrado with many endemics.
  • Brejo (marsh) with natural Grassland in Emas National Park, located between Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Atlantic Rainforest at REGUA Reserve, Rio de Janeiro. The lush Atlantic rainforests hold more endemic birds than any other biome on our planet! Near to one in every three birds observed in SE Brazil will be an endemic.
  • Sunset over Emas National Park, between Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul. This is an UNESCO World Heritage Site with spectacular native grasslands, cerrado and gallery forest harbouring many threatened and several endemic species.
  • The spectacular pink Tabebuia trees (Tabebuia impetiginosa) blossoming during the dry season in the northern Pantanal.
  • Véu de Noiva waterfall in Chapada dos Guimarães National Park.
  • Igapó (black water inundated forest in Amazon)
  • Canopy view of Amazonia Rainforest from a 42 meters observation tower near Manaus, Amazonas state.
  • Palafita house ("stilt house") in the Amazon.
  • Itatiaia National Park paramo, Rio de Janeiro.
  • Intervales State Park in São Paulo with its exuberant Atlantic rainforest.
  • "Campo rupestre" (herbaceous-shrubby vegetation on sandstones and quartzite) in Bahia, Northeast Brazil.
  • Caraça Monastery in Minas Gerais.